Welcome to the Vintage Makers website.  This website is dedicated to showcase our projects from over 20 years experience designing, building and installing custom wine cellars.  Hopefully you will find your answers to common questions like "Do I need to condition my wine cellar?", "How do I, or my contractor, build the room properly for conditioning?", "What size space do I need to store "X" amount of wine?".  If you can't find your answers on our FAQ page, please e-mail or call, we're glad to help you out.  

What has set us apart from our competition is that we are one of only a few companies that designs, manufactures, and installs our product.  There are a few good companies that will build you quality wine racks but they lack the installation experience to understand how their product actually fits together in your home.  There are many great finish carpenters that can easily install wine racks but they lack the facility and overall experience to make timely changes to better fit your design needs. We have the facility, the design background and installation experience to best help you create that unique space in your home.

Grab a glass of wine....scroll these pages....let us know if we can help...

Welcome to the Vintage Makers website!

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